GRE Preparation

$ 900.00

In Odyssia Learning skilled and able GRE Private Tutoring – Real live teacher interactive and online , you’ll work with our top-rated instructors who will focus exclusively on your needs. Our tutors will create a personalized test prep plan just for you. It’s the preferred choice for  you in achieving a higher score. Available in a 16 week package. With our GRE Tutoring  -You pick the time and one of our  top-rated instructor will meet you online to focus exclusively on your needs and guide you through a personalized test prep plan. 

GRE Prep Tutoring is made of:

  • Highly interactive online class with interactive real live teacher sessions featuring comprehensive instruction.
  • Practice questions, including quizzes and practice tests.
  • Extended hours of online instruction, practice tests and quizzes.
  • At your convenience class schedules, accessible from anywhere.

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