College Counseling

$ 950.00

Once you sign up for the college counseling with Odyssia Learning, the next step will be to fill out our Student Profile Questionnaire which will provide us with the information we need to better understand you as an individual as well as what your academic and career goals are. We will then assign you a counselor from our panel whose experience and expertise are best aligned with your student profile. This process ensures the best possible fit between you and your counselor which is central to our ability to help you maximize your potential and achieve success with your college applications.

At this point, your counselor will conduct a video conferencing session with you, in which you will have the opportunity to further discuss your college plans. The purpose of this session is not only to introduce you to your counselor but also to devise your application strategy and timeline.

You will then be sent the discussed timeline via e-mail. This timeline will include the college search process, the application essays, standardized testing and tentative deadlines. From this point on your counselor will remain in regular contact with you, via e-mail, in order to best facilitate the timely completion of all the tasks on your application timeline.

During the college counseling process our counselors will:

  • Minimize your mistakes and maximize your admission chances
  • Guide you through the entire application process
  • Set deadlines and schedules to ensure a smooth and efficient application process
  • Help develop a suitable list of ten colleges, specific to your needs. Taking in to consideration SAT scores, academic history and extracurricular record
  • Guide students through the Early Decision/Action procedures and deadlines
  • Plan your courses and approach beforehand
  • Make your application process smoother, more efficient and effective
  • Thoroughly advise you on the composition of your college essays
  • Edit and fine-tune your college essays
  • Convey to students specific answers each college seeks in its application
  • Secure the financial aid or scholarships that you need

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