Academic Tutoring

$ 900.00

Tutoring is available in core curriculum subjects through the high school level: English, Math, Science & History. The course comprises of ten, 90-minute sessions, totaling 15 hours. 

Once you sign up for tutoring with Odyssia Learning, the next step will be to fill out our Student Profile Questionnaire which will provide us with the information we need to better understand your academic needs and goals. We will then assign you a tutor from our panel whose experience and expertise are best aligned with your student profile. This process ensures the best possible fit between you and your tutor which is central to our ability to help you maximize your potential and achieve success.


  • To understand the subject matter from school
  • Skills to excel in a subject that is already a strength
  • Gaps to be filled from absences or change of schools
  • Special attention and strategies to stay on track due to a learning disability
  • Help with getting organized and staying on track
  • Being guided patiently one-on-one by an experienced knowledge expert
  • An individualized approach to online tutoring


  • Complete homework neatly and on time
  • Prepare for tests and quizzes
  • Organize school-work and study material
  • Keep track of upcoming assignments
  • Hone test-taking, reading, and writing skills
  • Develop study skills
  • Establish organizational skills and routines
  • Strengthen time management skills
  • Promote problem solving skills
  • Improve overall school performance

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